ICT and the Law

Course materials

> GBL4208 outline (2017):- ICT-and-the-Law-Outline-2017-02-17

> Blog posts on ICT Law on this website

Resource websites

Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) for statistics, guidelines, news http://www.ucc.co.ug

Ministry of Trade, Information and Cooperatives (MICT) for policy papers, legislation, information about the structure of the ICT sector in Uganda – http://www.ict.go.ug

Uganda Legal Information Institute (ULII) for case law, statutes and regulations – www.ulii.org

African Center for Cyberlaw and Cyber Crime – http://cybercrime-fr.org/index.pl/accp

United Nations African Institute for the Prevention of Crime and Treatment of Offenders (UNAFRI) – unafri.or.ug

National Information Technology Authority (NITA) – http://nita.go.ug

Muwema v Facebook (Tom Voltaire Okwalinga case)

Columbia Global Freedom of Expression page https://globalfreedomofexpression.columbia.edu/cases/muwema-v-facebook-ireland-ltd/

Muwema v Facebook Ireland Ltd [2016] IEHC 519 http://www.bailii.org/ie/cases/IEHC/2016/H519.html


Cybercrime barometer, a Uganda police centenary plus awareness campaign paper http://www.upf.go.ug/cyber-barometer/

Computer Misuse Act of 2011 – http://www.ulii.org/ug/legislation/act/2015/2-6